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Data Driven Strategies


How we work

How we work

Building on existing evidence, we apply qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method approaches to answer the toughest questions.

We focus on increasing effectiveness, maximizing impact, and driving the intersection between strategy, policy and advocacy to improve public health outcomes.​

Our global network includes experts in public health implementation, impact and outcomes research, product development and access, performance management, evaluation and advocacy.


What we do

for action

We synthesize the latest available data so that evidence is an integral part of strategy, policy, advocacy and programming. 


We review
the extent to which programs, partnerships
and policies are fit for purpose.


We work with clients
to develop new strategies and business plans and support them through implementation, planning and execution.

Performance indicators
and risk assessment

We assist clients to articulate their theories of change, develop key performance indicators and “fit for purpose” risk assessment tools. 

Leadership development

We coach senior leadership on management and execution and tailor fit for purpose technical content to get clients up to speed in emerging or complex issues.

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COVID-19 response

Spark Street contributed to the COVID response by providing pro-bono support to the City and State of New York, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the World Bank, the Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria, Gavi, Pfizer, the Peterson Institute, CHAP Health, UNU-IIGH, Unicef, WHO as well as government and professional colleagues from around the world to help analyze data, interpret evidence and share learning. We have also volunteered in our own local communities on issues ranging from school and arts reopening to the production of hand sanitizer. Spark Street thought pieces have been published by the Council of Foreign Relations, Foreign Policy, the Conversation, the Lancet, Atlantic Magazine and the British Medical Journal.  We have been interviewed by NPR, CNN, Stat News, the Financial Times, the Economist, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, Axios news, Devex, and New York's Our Town. 

Selected Projects

Selected projects

​We support organizations working in health and global development that aspire to significantly impact the systems in which they operate.​

Not for profit and intergovernmental organizations

Product developers
Private foundations

Adolescent health

Spark Street supported Plan International to develop the 
evidence base for its global advocacy work on adolescents
and NCDs
and adolescents and Universal Health Coverage, 
used as a centrepiece for
advocacy efforts with the UN General Assembly In New York.

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