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  • Kimberley Peek

Tuberculosis Prevention and Care and Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Tuberculosis (TB) and COVID-19 both hit hardest people who are marginalized or in poor health. There are strong synergies in actions required to prevent, prepare for and respond to both. That's why we need high-level political UN commitments in September. Both TB and pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPR) require:

  • Closing the gap in prevention, treatment and access to care.

  • Implementing evidence-based solutions.

  • Accelerating research, development, rollout and access to medical countermeasures.

  • Ramping up services for the vulnerable.

  • Implementing an equitable, gender-sensitive, rights- and people-centred approach.

  • Investing in infection prevention and control.

As experienced during COVID-19, pandemics pose a significant threat to the gains achieved in TB prevention and control. TB programs backslid for the first time in decades. A concise, action-oriented PPR declaration can lay the groundwork for a healthy future. We call on governments to:

  • Articulate a cohesive, shared, and multisectoral approach at national, regional and global levels.

  • Reinforce other initiatives, including the Pandemic Accord and IHR amendments.

  • Create a standing head-of-government and head-of-state level council to drive cohesive, ongoing vigilance and concerted action on current and future pandemic threats.

  • Secure commitment to a new pandemic countermeasures framework.

  • Secure commitment to domestic financing for health systems, as well as financing for PPR as a global public good.

  • Secure commitment to ensure a well-functioning, sustainably financed World Health Organization to support countries to reduce the risk of health emergencies.

  • Secure agreement on a robust independent monitoring and accountability framework and hold a follow-up summit.

Read more in our briefing note with the Stop TB Partnership, the Pandemic Action Network, the Global Fund Advocates Network, and United Nations University - IIGH, on the outcomes required at the Pandemic Preparedness and Response High-Level Meeting in September.

TB HLM and PPR HLM 15 April
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