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Global health "experts" take on US response

Updated: May 7, 2020

A number of actors that are big on the global health scene seem to have taken over our domestic response as well. Models developed by Chris Murray and IHME (funded by the Gates Foundation) are driving the Trump response. In New York and beyond there is a strong push by Tom Friedan (funded by Bloomberg) and Raj Shah (Rockefeller Foundation in collaboration with the American Enterprise Institute) to “box it in” and focus on contact tracing before they advise releasing lockdown. I think they forget maybe that in this case “it” is us?

The "box it in" strategies do not acknowledge the scenario that the virus may have spread considerably in many places (pre lockdown) (which has also been seen in shelters across the US), majority of cases are asymptomatic, data are increasingly showing that repeated and close contact with people who are infectious households and hospitals is more of a risk than casual contact.

The strategies do not consider social determinants related to risk or how best to target interventions to those at most risk or engaging communities in the response. The focus has been on lockdown and top-down directives. And now contact tracing and testing.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity any more for professional debate (harder on zoom) and even without peer review, the strategies are being implemented at scale.



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