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Please note that any information presented here is point-in-time so please turn to other sources for up-to-date information.  

  • Anna-Carin Matterson

Large differences in British and Swedish coronavirus calculations

A report in the Swedish Radio (published 26 March 2020) tells us that the number of Swedes who will show up at hospital and test positive for covid-19 in the future is substantially higher if one applies a simulation model used by experts at Imperial College London to the Swedish population, than the forecast used by Sweden's public health agency.

Professor Paul Franks, an expert in genetic and molecular epidemiology at Lund University, tells Radio Sweden: "There's a massive difference between the number of individuals who the Swedish public health agency think will show up at hospitals and test positive for covid-19 compared with the numbers if you apply the Imperial College model".

Sweden has not yet applied the stricter social suppression measures imposed by the UK government which was influenced by the Imperial College model.

An interview (in English) can be listened to at the Swedish Radio website (link below)



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