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Missing in the COVID response: Population health

Updated: May 7, 2020

Given the prevalence of obesity in the US (40% over age 20 - which is correlated with SES) and numbers of elderly in facilities (1.3M) we can probably expect to see a lot more deaths in the US. Unfortunately few states are publishing data that can be analyzed by age/sex/risk factor/demographics which makes it very difficult for population health professionals to target interventions to those most at risk. In other words. The NYC DOH web site has some data but they have just instituted a new policy which will make the underlying details harder to get. The top line remains the same - poor people in poor neighborhoods with certain underlying conditions, and the elderly, are those most at risk of dying. But at this point in the epidemic we should be able to see much more detailed information to help target interventions to those who need them most.



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