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  • Anna-Carin Matterson

Self-test kits distributed in Stockholm, Sweden

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

  • Corona virus serological self-test kits were mailed to1,000 residents of the Swedish capital Stockholm over the Easter weekend by the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan, KTH).

  • These are anonymous serological tests to random addresses in order to analyze how many residents of the Stockholm metropolitan (with 2.3 million inhabitants) have developed antibodies to COVID-19, and potentially gained immunity to the disease.

  • The project also aims to test how home testing for the novel corona virus could help authorities fight the pandemic without burdening the health system

  • The test requires a drop of blood.

  • Results will not be made available to participants as the samples are submitted anonymously.

  • The type of test card is one that Professor Roxhed and Professor Olof Beck at Karolinska Institutet developed together over the last eight years. Instead of a blotter, the technology uses a special microchannel, which autonomously stores a precise amount of the blood as a dried spot inside the card.

  • The test has been authorized by Sweden’s testing ethics authority. The researchers are limited to checking for the presence of antibodies for COVID-19 and other coronary-related parameters. The test kit contains all information, including a consent form.

  • It is unclear when the results will be available.



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